DataHub and DevStudio

DataHub: Your Gateway to Web3 Data

DataHub offers a comprehensive access to a wide range of data types, including on-chain and off-chain, real-time and historical. It integrates data from over 12 blockchains and more than 500 Web3 datasets, ensuring nearly complete coverage with a 98% decode rate for EVM logs, traces, and transactions. DataHub's rigorous data quality assertions and clean packaging simplify data exploration and integration.

Key Features

  • Extensive Blockchain Coverage: Access decoded and quality-assured data from over 12 blockchains and 500+ datasets.
  • Private Data Incorporation: Merge private data sources with public datasets for domain-specific insights.
  • Prebuilt API Suite: Utilize 20+ GraphQL (coming to UI very soon) and 10+ REST APIs (explore them here) for common Web3 use cases, with ongoing expansions.

DevStudio: Where Innovation Meets Data

DevStudio caters to developers seeking to tailor data for specific applications. It provides tools for creating custom APIs and integrating live blockchain data, supported by a robust backend for scalability and reliability.

Key Features

  • Custom API Development: Quickly generate SQL, GraphQL, or REST APIs. Use DataHub's search to find tables, execute joins, and transform data for complex requirements. Convert SQL queries to GraphQL with one click.
  • Live Data Streaming: Stream decoded blockchain data to databases or warehouses in real-time. Set up real-time triggers (coming soon) for blockchain events to enable instantaneous application responses.
  • Enterprise-Grade Solutions: Features include data privacy, advanced security measures, multi-tenant support, and SLAs to guarantee performance.
  • AI-Enhanced Tools: Leverage NLP for query input and an AI chatbot for immediate support (coming soon). An AI-driven query router optimizes query execution by selecting the most efficient query engine.