SQL Intro

With Zettablock, you can access and transform both on-chain and off-chain data. All you need to do is write Presto SQL to query the data.

On this page, you will find the selected resources about Presto SQL. We hope this will be helpful to you to pick to most practical resources and accelerate your learning. As always, we recommend that you learn by practicing using our SQL query builder. To get familiar with Zetttablock ‘s Query Builder. Please see Query Builder . Enjoy the learning journey!

Beginner Tutorials

There are overwhelming beginning tutorials online. We picked the following free materials for you, including the sections you need to read/ watch in the What you need to learn column. We could skip the complex database part since you are using ZettaBlock, and we got you covered. Note that the following materials cover general SQL concepts, and you can find Presto SQL-specific materials in the next section.

Resource Name with LinkWhat you need to learnRecommendation ReasonCost/Format
Introduction to the SQL Language- What is SQL?
- How to Use SQL
- How to Learn SQL
- How Long Does It Take to Learn SQL Language?
This is a good starting point for people who do not have experience with SQL before. With the knowledge from the blog, you will better understand SQL.Free/
Basic SQL Commands for BeginnersBasic SQL commands:
- Data Definition Language(DDL)
- Data Manipulation Language(DML)
- Data Control Language(DCL)
- Transaction Control Language(TCL)
After getting a basic understanding of SQL, you could start learning SQL by practicing the basic commands listed in this blog. They are well-structured.Free/
W3schools- Basic SQL syntax
- Exercises and Quizzes
With W3Schools, you can further polish your SQL skills with the small quizzes they put together.Free/
Web Tutorials
Full PostgreSQL Tutorial Video for BeginnerKey SQL Concepts:
- Tables & Keys
- SQL Basics
- Constraints
- Basic Queries
- Functions
- Wildcards
- Union
- Joins
- Nested Queries
This is the most popular SQL tutorial on Youtube for a good reason. It explains these SQL commands nicely and clearly. We recommend you to learn through it if you prefer videos to blogs.Free/

Hands-on Presto SQL Tutorial

ZettaBlock is built for handling big data, and our SQL dialect for querying data is Presto SQL. You will use it in the Zettablock SQL Query Builder. Most SQL dialects have similar syntax with only a few notable differences. Therefore, we have compiled some additional resources to help you get familiar with presto SQL.

Resource Name with LinkRecommendation ReasonCost/Format
PrestoDB docsThis is the official document of Presto SQL. You will find all the advanced functions you could use in the Functions and Operators section.Free/Docs
Writing Presto QueriesIf you want to skip the official docs and learn the Presto SQL basics quickly, this is a short version you can refer to.Free/Docs
Linkedin Course - Presto EssentialYou can follow this tutorial video series if you want a structured way to learn everything about Presto. Please note that section 2, 3, 6, and 7 are optional if you want to focus on learning Presto SQL syntax.Free/Video

Where to Ask for Help with SQL

While you are learning, you probably will get stuck on some SQL challenge. Beyond the beginner tutorials, you can turn to online coding forums for help and hone your SQL skills. The following websites will provide you with free help from experienced programmers.

Resource Name with LinkRecommendation ReasonCost
Stack OverflowStack Overflow is one of the most popular discussion sites for programmers, which covers SQL. You will find people who encountered the same questions and answers to solve the questions there.Free
QuoraQuora is a Q&A site where you can ask more conceptual questions and get detailed explanations.Free
Stack ExchangeStackExchange is another good resource with numerous SQL discussion threads.Free

Example Queries using Web3 Data

For SQL example using Web3 Data, please check Example Queries for Web3 Data

We hope you find the list of resources helpful. As mentioned above, the best way to learn SQL is to practice via some real-world projects. It does not need to be a big project. You can start practicing presto SQL by doing small projects on Zettablock.

If you encounter questions that cannot be solved on your own while using ZettaBlock, feel free to post your questions in our Discord group, and we are here to help!