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What is ZettaBlock?

ZettaBlock is redefining the way Web3 developers interact and build on top of blockchain data. Our full-stack data platform merges on-chain and private off-chain data to expedite Web3 application development.

Our core mission is to empower developers by completely removing the barriers associated with data and infrastructure challenges. Put simply, we handle infrastructure headaches so that developers get back to what they do best: building cutting-edge Web3 applications that will bring the next billion users to Web3.

ZettaBlock now supports 12+ chains, with more chains on the way. To explore all the chains and tables we support, please refer to our Data Catalog.

Our platform serves as a single, scalable, and adaptable solution for accessing comprehensive on-chain data, both historical and real-time. It allows integration of essential private data sources and offers a rich library of pre-built APIs for common use cases, simplifying the development process. With ZettaBlock, developers can effortlessly craft customized APIs to meet complex business needs, unleashing the full potential of their creativity.

Key Values

  • Comprehensive Web3 Data: Break on chain and off-chain data silo, ensure high quality data richness and completeness across 12+ blockchains to cater to common Web3 use cases and business value needs.
  • Zero Infra Overhead: Save over 90% of your annual infrastructure costs.
  • Highly Flexible Development: Accelerate your app development process by leveraging our extensive library of pre-built APIs, alongside the capability to build custom APIs and tables for complex requirements.
  • Real-Time Data Streams: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data streamed directly to your database or warehouse, and notifications that provide timely updates on critical changes and developments in your Web3 ecosystem.
  • Enterprise Grade Assurance: Our solutions are tailored for institutional needs, encompassing data privacy, advanced security, horizontal scalability, multi-tenant support for collaboration, and SLAs for reliable performance.
  • AI-Powered Innovation: We enhance user experiences through natural language processing for queries and an AI-powered chatbot, setting new standards in user interaction and support within the Web3 space.

Popular Use Cases

ZettaBlock has a set of key use cases and features, which aim to provide blockchain developers with convenient development tools, enabling them to build real-time, reliable apps using many of the top requested services.

Some of the most popular use cases cover the verticals of wallets, DeFi, NFTs & Gaming.

Start Building!

Ready to transform your Web3 ideas into reality? ZettaBlock equips you with the tools, data, and support needed to develop data-powered dApps within minutes. Join us in shaping the future of Web3 — start building today.

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