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You can get early access to the ZettaBlock open beta now! If you're interested and have a project that needs low-latency APIs serving real-time, reliable and flexible Web3 data, visit https://www.zettablock.com/, then click Get Early Access and fill out the form. Our team will get back to you quickly!

What is ZettaBlock?

ZettaBlock is an enterprise-grade full-stack Web3 infrastructure for indexing and analytics, joining on-chain and off-chain data. Developers can build real-time, public-facing, reliable GraphQL APIs via SQL in minutes - all without worrying about data processing in their frontends or backends. ZettaBlock now supports Ethereum, Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, Arbitrum, Solana, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Base, Ethereum Goerli, Sui and zkSync. More chains are coming soon.

ZettaBlock provides developers with simple, scalable API endpoints to access and query on-chain data as well as off-chain data (be that their own data or otherwise) and enables seamless integration of this data into their applications - both via customizable APIs and embedded charts. In short, applications built on top of ZettaBlock only need to interact with a handful of common and user-friendly APIs that provide efficient access to numerous previously siloed data sources. Furthermore, developers can easily tailor the APIs to fit their own business logic.

Why ZettaBlock?

  1. Zero Infra Overhead: Save months of development and over 90% of their annual costs.
  2. Full-stack: Provides a unified data platform with streaming, OLTP indexing, OLAP analytics, and visualization architecture, plus hundreds blockchain datasets ready to use.
  3. Flexibility: Build your own GraphQL APIs and SQL with custom transformation logic needs.
  4. Real-time: Customized API with 10ms response time and sub-second data freshness and high throughput handled.
  5. Data Unification: Seamlessly obtain any decoded on-chain data, combining with your own off-chain data.
  6. Scalable: Easily join petabyte-scale data with SQL.
  7. Reliable: Ensures near-perfect system uptimes (99.99%) to support real-time, data-intensive apps.

Popular Use Cases

ZettaBlock has a set of key use cases and features, which aim to provide blockchain developers with convenient development tools, enabling them to build real-time, reliable apps using many of the top requested services.

Use Cases

+More to come!

Start Building!

Learn how to build your own GraphQL API, start making requests, visualize your query transformation logic, and set up your application to use ZettaBlock's endpoints, all in under 10 minutes!

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