Clicking on the “Dashboards” button will take you to ZettaBlock’s Dashboards page. Dashboards are a feature for you to save different data visualizations in one location, while also enabling you to easily share them with others.

Creating a New Dashboard

You can create dashboard by

  • clicking Dashboard in the menu from Create button, or
  • click the Create Dashboard button under the Dashboards tab

In the New Dashboard pop-up window, you can type the New Dashboard’s Name and add the Description for the New Dashboard.

Editing Dashboards

Once you create a new dashboard, you can use the following features to edit the page based on your need.

Adding Visualizations

By clicking Add Visualization, you'll be prompt to select which chart to add into this dashboards

Adding Text Widgets

By clicking Add Text Widget, you'll be prompt to create a text widget. Note that Markdown is supported.

Editing Widget positions and sizes

You can adjust the size of the charts by clicking and holding the arrow in the right corner. Also, you can edit the positions by dragging the charts.


Dashboards will be auto-saved by default, but you can also turn it off by clicking the toggle.

Using dashboards

Interacting with Charts

a. Edit and apply parameters

You can change the parameters of each chart, and the change will show up in the dashboards once you click APPLY PARAMS.

b. Table chart functions

The Search, Go to, and Page View functions in the Table Chart work the same as on the dashboard. These three functions can help you to locate specific rows of interest.


  • Setting: general settings include query title, description, and privacy.
  • Publish: make your dashboard visible tothe community.
  • Delete: delete this dashboard.
  • Star: shows how many people starred this dashboard; you can click the button to add this dashboard to your favorite list, so you can easily find it later on,
  • Share: copy the link to your clipboard so you can share it with your friends.