Sui Overflow Hackathon: Winners Spotlight

Welcome to a showcase of innovation and collaboration at the ZettaBlock x Sui Overflow Hackathon!

This hackathon marked a milestone in showcasing the power of blockchain data for exciting applications within the Sui ecosystem. The hackathon drew talented developers and thinkers who leveraged ZettaBlock’s comprehensive data capabilities to build solutions that are not only technically proficient but also uniquely suited to the Sui community. In this doc, we deep dive into the four winning projects that exemplify the potential of integrating ZettaBlock’s tools in diverse blockchain applications, demonstrating the real-world utility.

1st Prize: Suirang

Watch the video demo here.

Suirang offers users a dynamic visualization of transaction activity and asset information across various games. By integrating ZettaBlock’s robust data capabilities, Suirang provides real-time insights and a comprehensive overview that empowers gamers and developers alike, across a multiplicity of games within Sui.

Integration with ZettaBlock

Suirang leverages ZettaBlock to fetch and display data effectively.

Suirang utilizes ZettaBlock’s GraphQL API to query transaction data in real-time. This enables the platform to display up-to-date transaction statuses, asset transfers, and other game-related activities. An example of a typical query used by Suirang is as follows:

query GetTransactions {
    where: { game_id: { _eq: "game_identifier" } },
    order_by: { timestamp: desc },
    limit: 10
  ) {
    asset_details {

This query retrieves the latest ten transactions for a specific game, sorting them by timestamp in descending order. It is designed to capture detailed information about each transaction, including the type of transaction and associated assets.

To assist users in tracking and analyzing assets across different games, Suirang taps into ZettaBlock’s extensive database of asset information. A specific query used for this purpose includes:

query GetAssetInformation {
    where: { asset_type: { _eq: "currency" } },
    order_by: { quantity: desc }
  ) {

This query focuses on assets classified as "currency," listing them based on their quantity to help users identify the most prevalent assets within a game.

2nd Prize: Sui Assistant

Watch the video demo here.

Sui Assistant is an innovative AI-driven platform specifically designed to enhance the Sui Blockchain ecosystem by facilitating the development of dapps. Leveraging the power of the Move programming language, Sui Assistant provides developers with a conversational UI that simplifies the coding, fixing, and testing of smart contracts.

  • Sui Assistant utilizes a sophisticated conversational UI, enabling developers to interact with the platform using natural language queries. This interface is powered by OpenAI's latest GPT-4o model, optimized to understand and process commands related to smart contract development in the Move language. Developers can input prompts directly into the UI, receiving accurate, context-aware guidance on coding practices, debugging, and deployment strategies.
  • To ensure relevancy and up-to-date information, Sui Assistant is trained on a vast dataset comprising the Sui codebase and various ecosystem project data. This training enables the assistant to provide highly specific feedback and solutions tailored to the Sui environment, surpassing generic AI models in both precision and utility.
  • Integration with ZettaBlock could even further enhance Sui Assistant's capabilities. By accessing real-time and historical blockchain data through ZettaBlock, Sui Assistant could offer developers insights into transaction patterns, smart contract interactions, and overall blockchain dynamics. This data-driven approach would help in fine-tuning applications and smart contracts based on actual network activity and performance metrics.

3rd Prize: ZKNsight

Watch the video demo here.

ZKNSight is a DeFi app specifically designed for the Sui network, offering a suite of comprehensive DeFi functionalities through an intuitive mobile platform. ZKNSight integrates cutting-edge technologies to ensure privacy, real-time data access, and seamless protocol interactions, promoting an efficient and secure DeFi environment.

Key Integrations and Features

Privacy-Preserving Authentication:

Leveraging the zkLogin technology from Sui, ZKNSight ensures that user authentication is both secure and private, employing zero-knowledge proofs to provide a confidential login experience without storing sensitive user data on the blockchain.

Real-Time Data Access through ZettaBlock:

ZKNSight utilizes ZettaBlock to access real-time data concerning portfolio management and protocol metrics. This enables users to make informed decisions based on the latest market movements and trends, facilitating better asset management and trade execution within the app.

Comprehensive Protocol Integration:

The application supports various top DeFi protocols such as Bucket, Kriya, Scallop, and FlowX, which are integrated directly within the app. This multi-protocol support allows users to manage assets, optimize liquidity, and perform seamless swaps, all from a single interface.

Integration with ZettaBlock: Example

In order to fetch the real-time asset information, for example for the Kriya DEX, we can get the tokens in the pool, in a custom query as such:

select * from (
select transaction_block_digest, 
    json_extract_scalar(parsed_json, '$.pool_id') as pool_id,
    json_extract_scalar(parsed_json, '$.reserve_x') as reserve_x,
    json_extract_scalar(parsed_json, '$.reserve_y') as reserve_y,
    row_number() over (partition by json_extract_scalar(parsed_json, '$.pool_id') order by block_time desc) as row_num
where block_date = current_date 
and package_id = '0xa0eba10b173538c8fecca1dff298e488402cc9ff374f8a12ca7758eebe830b66' -- 'Kriya DEX'
) t 
where row_num = 1

The reserve_x and reserve_y are the raw token amount in the pool. Joining with the dex.sui_dex_pools and sui_mainnet.coins tables, would also allow to convert to the correct token amount.

4th Prize: SharkyTheSuiBot

Watch the video demo here.

SharkyTheSuiBot leverages automated technologies to exploit arbitrage opportunities across various DEXs on the Sui network. As a highly efficient Telegram bot, it provides real-time trading strategies and updates, enabling users to make swift, informed decisions in the dynamic crypto market.

How SharkyTheSuiBot Utilizes ZettaBlock

SharkyTheSuiBot integrates ZettaBlock's advanced data capabilities to enhance its trading algorithms and provide users with the most up-to-date market information:

  • Real-Time Data for Arbitrage Opportunities: The bot accesses real-time and historical data from various Sui DEXs. This data includes transaction history, price fluctuations, and liquidity information, which are crucial for identifying profitable arbitrage opportunities. The bot analyzes discrepancies in asset prices across different exchanges, allowing users to buy low on one exchange and sell high on another, thus capitalizing on price differences.
  • Script-Logic Strategies for Automated Trading: The bot employs sophisticated script-logic strategies that are informed by the data fetched from ZettaBlock. These strategies automate trading decisions based on predefined criteria such as price thresholds, volume, and historical performance, ensuring that trading actions are executed at optimal times without manual intervention.

As we conclude our showcase of the ZettaBlock x Sui Overflow Hackathon, we extend our congratulations to all the participants, with a special mention to our four winners: Suirang, Sui Assistant, ZKNSight, and SharkyTheSuiBot! Each project has demonstrated remarkable ingenuity and a deep understanding of the needs within the Sui ecosystem. 💙

Now it's your turn - what will you build? 👀