The Advanced Usage section of the docs explains a suite of features that allow you to customize data importation, manage large datasets efficiently, and create powerful data-driven applications with ease.

Table of Contents:

  • Exporting Data (coming soon): Streamline your workflow by exporting data in various formats.
  • Real-Time Triggers / Webhooks (coming soon): Create instant alerts for events based on custom logic.
  • Importing Data: Integrate external data sources smoothly with our robust data connectors and ETL tools.
  • Data Connectors: Connect with a range of data sources through our pre-built connectors, or use our toolkit to create your own.
  • Custom Built ETL (coming soon): Transform your data with our ETL capabilities, designed to process and prepare data exactly how you need it.
  • SDK (coming soon): Our Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the building blocks to develop custom data applications quickly.
  • Best Practices: Enhance performance and maintain scalability with our best practice guides for compute units and data refresh strategies.