When to use ZettaBlock?

ZettaBlock is tailored to meet the unique challenges and demands of the blockchain space, providing the tools and data essential for building powerful, data-driven applications. Whether you're diving into real-time data analytics, integrating APIs, or conducting historical research, ZettaBlock simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on innovation and development.

When You Need Real-Time Data Access

ZettaBlock provides near real-time (< 1 minute) updates as it indexes data from the blockchains. This rapid indexing from the blockchain is crucial for dApps that depend on the latest data, like DeFi front-facing dashboards and analytics platforms, ensuring you and your users stay ahead in a fast-paced Web3 environment.

When You Need Seamless API Integration

For developers looking to streamline their workflow, ZettaBlock offers both ready-to-use APIs for standard blockchain data (transactions, transfers, balances + other prebuilt APIs) and the flexibility to customize APIs from any query result into a queryable GraphQL endpoint. This combination of prebuilt and custom API solutions significantly reduces integration time and complexity.

When You Want to Simplify Data Exploration

Navigating blockchain data shouldn't require a steep learning curve. ZettaBlock's user-friendly interface and SQL query capabilities remove the hassle of complex indexing or schema definitions. With our pre-built dashboards and queries, you're equipped for immediate, effective data exploration and analysis.

When You Need Comprehensive Historical Analysis

For projects that require a deep dive into blockchain history, ZettaBlock provides extensive capabilities for historical data analysis. Explore patterns, trends, and user activities across 12+ chains to inform your strategies and insights, from trading volumes and token transfers to comprehensive user activity over time.

When You Want to Enhance Community Collaboration

ZettaBlock enables users to share and collaborate on public dashboards and queries, fostering a community-driven approach to data analysis in the Web3 space.