Welcome to ZettaBlock's API documentation, your comprehensive guide to leveraging our powerful and versatile Web3 data APIs. We offer a broad spectrum of API solutions designed to cater to a variety of use cases, from real-time data access to custom data manipulation. Our APIs are divided into two main categories: Prebuilt APIs and Custom APIs. This introduction will help you navigate our offerings and integrate them into your applications seamlessly.

Prebuilt APIs: Effortless Integration for Core Web3 Use Cases

ZettaBlock's Prebuilt APIs are engineered to offer streamlined, one-click solutions that address the core needs of Web3 development. These APIs simplify access to essential data, allowing developers to enhance their applications with real-time insights and functionalities without the overhead of custom API development.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage: From wallet balances and token prices to transaction histories and swap activities, our Prebuilt APIs cover a wide array of vital Web3 data points, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Real-Time: Access up-to-the-second data on blockchain activities, market movements, and asset valuations, enabling your applications to provide timely and relevant information.
  • Simplified Data Access: Designed for immediate integration, our Prebuilt APIs remove the complexities of data querying and manipulation, allowing you to focus on creating engaging user experiences.
  • Diverse Use Cases: Whether you're developing applications for DeFi, NFT marketplaces, or blockchain analytics, our suite of Prebuilt APIs supports a broad spectrum of Web3 domains, catering to the most common and emerging needs of the ecosystem.


  • GraphQL Prebuilt APIs: Directly accessible within ZettaBlock's DataHub, offering a GraphQL Playground interface for easy integration.
  • REST Prebuilt APIs: Detailed documentation available here, providing clear instructions for RESTful API integration.


To get started, refer to a quickstart here.

Custom APIs: Tailored Data Solutions

For developers requiring tailored data queries and manipulations, ZettaBlock introduces Custom APIs. These APIs empower you to create bespoke data solutions by converting SQL queries into GraphQL endpoints, allowing for intricate data operations across real-time and historical datasets.

Key Features

  • Versatile Data Manipulation: Join multiple tables, incorporate private data, and execute complex logic to craft APIs that perfectly fit your application's needs.
  • SQL to GraphQL Conversion: Effortlessly transform your SQL queries into GraphQL for dynamic data querying capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Utilize both real-time and historical data sets to inform your application's data needs, ensuring depth and accuracy in your data-driven decisions.

Creating Custom APIs

To begin creating Custom APIs, navigate to the ZettaBlock DevStudio, where you'll find tools for SQL query development, and will be able to convert the queries to GraphQL endpoints.

To get started, refer to a quickstart here.

API Keys

How to get your API key

How to manage your API Key and Usage