Highest Polygon NFT Daily Sales

Leverage various abstraction layer tables for NFTs - apply this logic to any chain to discover trends for the currently trading NFT collections.

Which Polygon NFTs have the biggest sales volume each day?

Step 1: Select the table(s)

To answer this question, we need to join the data from the following tables: nft.polygon_nft_categories, dex.polygon_dex_pools_v3, nft.polygon_nft_washtrades and nft.polygon_trades.

Step 2: Find the answer

The SQL query should look like this:

polygon_nft_categories as (
    select coalesce(address, pair_address) address,
        coalesce(c.category, dex.category) category
    from nft.polygon_nft_categories c
    full join (
        select distinct pair_address, 'DeFi' category
        from dex.polygon_dex_pools_v3
    ) dex on c.address=dex.pair_address
,nft_washtrades as (
  SELECT * FROM nft.polygon_nft_washtrades
  WHERE is_wash_trade = true
ROW_NUMBER() OVER (partition by tx_hash, washtrade ORDER BY amount_usd DESC) as rn
      txfer.nft_contract_address as collection_address,
      CASE WHEN wt.transaction_hash IS NULL THEN false ELSE true END as washtrade
  FROM nft.polygon_trades txfer
  LEFT JOIN nft_washtrades wt
  ON txfer.data_creation_date = wt.data_creation_date
  AND txfer.tx_hash = wt.transaction_hash
  LEFT JOIN polygon_nft_categories c ON txfer.nft_contract_address = c.address
  WHERE txfer.data_creation_date BETWEEN current_date - interval '1' day and current_date
  AND wt.data_creation_date BETWEEN current_date - interval '1' day and current_date
  AND c.category is null or lower(c.category) != 'defi'
WHERE data_creation_date  BETWEEN current_date - interval '1' day and current_date
AND collection_address NOT IN ('0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963')
ORDER BY amount_usd DESC,data_creation_date DESC

Step 3: Explore the results

The query will return the top 100 highest Polygon NFT sales from the past 24 hours.

The results will include the date and time of the sale, the transaction hash, the collection address, whether the sale was a wash trade or not, the amount in USD, the amount in the paid currency, and the token ID.

Step 4: Create an API to access query results

As the query returns the daily top sales, we want the API to refresh every 12 hours, in order not to miss out on any data.

And that’s it! Creating the API takes one click, and it’s ready!