[2023/11/07] Beacon Goreli Support, More Base Abstraction Tables and Prebuilt APIs for Prices

We're thrilled to announce a set of new features and improvements aimed at optimizing your development experience. From real-time indexing on the Beacon Goerli chain to new abstraction tables on Base and real-time prebuilt APIs for prices, we've got something for every developer.


[2023/10/19] New Enhanced Staking Models, Base Abstraction Tables & More

Welcome to our latest product updates! We've been hard at work to bring you features that elevate your development game. From a new suite of new abstraction models on Base Mainnet to new Ethereum abstraction data models, this update is packed with tools to accelerate your time to market and enhance dApp functionalities.


[2023/10/10] Base Mainnet Support, Quick Dashboard Creation, Data Freshness & More

We're thrilled to announce a new round of updates at ZettaBlock. The last two weeks focused on extending our chain support to Base Mainnet (both historical and real-time), streamlining dashboard creation from the query builder, optimizing data freshness in realtime db, and enhancing Ethereum DEX price and lending data tables.


[2023/09/21] Real-Time API Catalog, Ethereum DEX Refactoring & Usage Performance Upgrades

ZettaBlock is excited to share our latest list of updates. This round of enhancements focused on refining Ethereum DEX tables, boosting performance in usage metric aggregation, revamping our Ethereum DEX Liquidity Actions models, and introducing new prebuilt APIs for real-time data.


[2023/09/07] Support for Real-Time Avalanche, Enhanced Error Messaging & ETH GraphQL API Expansions

ZettaBlock is thrilled to announce our most recent product enhancements. This update focuses on refining some of our NFT Marketplaces, supporting real-time data for Avalanche, improving error messaging, expanding our ETH GraphQL APIs, and various frontend and UI improvements.


[2023/08/22] NFT Ethereum Marketplaces, API Creation Notifications, and In-App AI Chatbot

ZettaBlock is happy to showcase our latest product improvements!


[2023/08/08] Enhanced Filtering for Query, API, and Dashboard Lists

We are happy to showcase the newest update to our product, which includes a user experience enhancement that streamlines your workflow.


[2023/08/04] New Datasets, Real-Time Balances Optimization & UX Improvements

ZettaBlock is thrilled to present our latest product improvements! We now cover more Polygon NFT marketplaces, achieved further optimization for Ethereum real-time balances, and enhanced the overall user experience.


[2023/07/03] Real-Time Address Balances

ZettaBlock is thrilled to announce the release of Real-Time Address Balances, a game-changing solution that empowers developers, wallet solutions, and enterprises with up-to-the-second balance information for their applications.


[2023/05/15] Real-Time Database Release & Query Auto Debugging with ChatGPT

We are excited to announce the release of two prominent features in ZettaBlock: Toggle Between Data Lake and Database for Real-Time API Calls, and Failed Query Auto Debugging with ChatGPT.