[2023/10/10] Base Mainnet Support, Quick Dashboard Creation, Data Freshness & More

We're thrilled to announce a new round of updates at ZettaBlock. The last two weeks focused on extending our chain support to Base Mainnet (both historical and real-time), streamlining dashboard creation from the query builder, optimizing data freshness in realtime db, and enhancing Ethereum DEX price and lending data tables.

New Chain Support: Base Mainnet

Expanding our network capabilities, we've integrated Base Mainnet into our platform. This opens up new possibilities for accessing a rich set of both historical and real-time data on this new chain. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be showcasing various use cases built on Base - so stay tuned!

Quick Dashboard Creation from Query Builder

In response to user feedback, we've re-engineered the query builder interface. Now, you can seamlessly create a dashboard immediately after executing or saving a query. This is a significant UX improvement, cutting down the steps and clicks required to visualize your data effectively.

Optimized Data Freshness in Real-Time Database

Understanding the importance of real-time data, our engineering team has fine-tuned the data freshness queries on our real-time database. This ensures you're working with the most current and reliable data, enhancing both the speed and accuracy of your analytics.

Ethereum DEX Price Abstraction Table

To cater to the increasing interest in new MEME tokens, we've rolled out a dedicated table - dex.ethereum_dex_prices. This table generates hourly price data for tokens that meet specific swap criteria, serving as a reliable fallback when our main prices.usd table falls short of a specific token. Sample query can be found here.

Ethereum Lending Abstraction Tables

We've also refactored specialized abstraction tables targeting Ethereum-based lending platforms, including Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO. These tables are structured to offer a more in-depth and streamlined analytics experience, particularly for lending activities.

Your input is invaluable to us. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in our Discord server.