[2023/09/21] Real-Time API Catalog, Ethereum DEX Refactoring & Usage Performance Upgrades

ZettaBlock is excited to share our latest list of updates. This round of enhancements focused on refining Ethereum DEX tables, boosting performance in usage metric aggregation, revamping our Ethereum DEX Liquidity Actions models, and introducing new prebuilt APIs for real-time data.

Real-Time APIs: Prebuilt GraphQL Catalog

In our previous update, we rolled out the first use case for our prebuilt APIs, focusing on wallet functionalities. You can dive deeper into this feature in our latest blog post and documentation. As part of our ongoing commitment to serve various Web3 use cases, we have more prebuilt APIs coming soon. In the meantime, explore the existing real-time API capabilities in our Real-Time API explorer.

Ethereum DEX Abstraction Tables: Refactored

We've undertaken a significant refactoring of our Ethereum DEX abstraction tables. This update enhances data integrity, quality and query performance, enabling more robust analytics.

Improved Usage Metric Aggregation Performance

Our latest update turbocharges the usage metric aggregation process. You'll notice a visibly faster UI and quicker access to your Compute Unit usage indicators in the Usage tab.

Refactor Ethereum DEX Liquidity Actions Models

We've recreated the abstraction table dex.ethereum_dex_liquidity_actions. This refactoring aims to improve data quality, reliability, and offers a more granular view of liquidity actions on Ethereum DEX platforms.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to let us know at our Discord!