[2023/09/07] Support for Real-Time Avalanche, Enhanced Error Messaging & ETH GraphQL API Expansions

ZettaBlock is thrilled to announce our most recent product enhancements. This update focuses on refining some of our NFT Marketplaces, supporting real-time data for Avalanche, improving error messaging, expanding our ETH GraphQL APIs, and various frontend and UI improvements.

Support for Real-Time Avalanche Network

We've extended our real-time data capabilities to the Avalanche Network. Now, you can access real-time transaction, block, and contract creations data (as well as other tables), elevating your dapps to new levels of speed and efficiency. The real time support covers C chain - support for P chain and X chain to come soon.

NFT Marketplaces: Refactored and Enhanced

We have refactored a few Ethereum NFT marketplaces, including x2y2, ZeroEx, and Sudoswap. These changes are designed to improve data quality and reliability, offering users a more comprehensive perspective on market activities.

Improved Error Messaging

Understanding the importance of clear communication, we've enhanced our error messages. Now, when a user reaches their CU limit, the system will provide more informative and actionable messages to help resolve issues faster.

More Ethereum GraphQL APIs

We have expanded our Ethereum GraphQL APIs, offering you more robust real-time capabilities:

  • Enhanced Logs API: Improved performance and data accuracy for better insights.
  • New Transactions API: Access real-time transaction data effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Blocks API: Now provides more detailed block information, enriching your analytics.
  • Transfer/Transaction of Account: Newly added support for ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, offering more flexibility in account management.
  • Transfer/Transactions of Token: Focused improvements on data quality for token transactions.
  • Transfer/Transactions of NFTs: A new API designed to effectively track NFT transactions.

We've also carried out various bug fixes, performance and UI enhancements to provide a smoother GraphQL experience.

UI Improvements

Our latest update includes support for hyperlinks in table outputs. We've also refactored the dashboard, API, and query list filters for a more streamlined user experience.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to let us know at our Discord!