[2023/11/30] zkSync Real-Time Traces & Balances, New Tables and Re-Vamped Data Models

Exciting updates from ZettaBlock! Our latest release introduces enhanced features to further streamline and empower blockchain development, focusing on real-time data, ease of integration, and expanded functionalities.

zkSync Real-Time Trace Table

You can now leverage real-time zkSync trace data to monitor and analyze transactions as they occur. This feature is particularly beneficial for powering DeFi protocols and DEXs, where real-time data is crucial for maintaining transaction integrity, ensuring liquidity, and providing users with immediate, accurate market insights.

zkSync Real-Time Balances

Access wallet balances on zkSync in real-time, sub-second freshness. This feature is perfect for wallet applications and DeFi protocols, ensuring users always have the most current balance information for their transactions.

zkSync Dex Swaps and Pools

You can now integrate zkSync's decentralized exchange data, including swaps and pools, into your dApps. This addition is great for developing advanced trading platforms that require latest data on asset prices and liquidity.

Re-Vamped ENS Data Model

The reworked ENS data model now offers a cleaner, more efficient structure. Use this for streamlined domain name services and improved ENS-related functionalities in your applications.

New Base Abstraction Tables

  • Bridges (Synapse, Hop Protocol): Simplify cross-chain interactions in your applications, particularly useful for dApps requiring interoperability between different blockchains.
  • Swaps (Maverick Protocol)
  • NFTs (Seaport,, Alienswap): Broaden your NFT functionalities, perfect for marketplaces or platforms focused on unique digital assets.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming in the next weeks!

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