[2023/11/07] Beacon Goreli Support, More Base Abstraction Tables and Prebuilt APIs for Prices

We're thrilled to announce a set of new features and improvements aimed at optimizing your development experience. From real-time indexing on the Beacon Goerli chain to new abstraction tables on Base and real-time prebuilt APIs for prices, we've got something for every developer.

Beacon Goerli Chain: Real-Time Indexing

We've successfully indexed the Beacon chain, allowing you to serve the latest data directly to your app. With backfilling complete, the chain is primed and ready for your exploration!

New Base Abstraction Tables

We have launched new sets of abstraction tables for Base chain, aiming to simplify your data queries and speed up dApp development. The new tables cover:


Introducing new abstraction tables for AAVE V3, including Aave.base_v3_borrow and Aave.base_v3_supply.

Curve DEX

We've added abstraction tables for Curve DEX, including Dex.base_curve_pools and Dex.base_curve_swaps.

Balancer V2

New abstraction tables for Balancer V2 are now available: balancer_v2.base_vault_pools and Balancer_v2.base_vault_swaps.

Stargate and Compound V3

We've also rolled out Base abstraction tables for Stagrate and Compound V3.

Prebuilt API: Real-Time Prices

We've launched a real-time prebuilt API for real-time prices. This feature eliminates the need to build from scratch, allowing you to integrate real-time price data effortlessly.

Data Quality Checks and Improvements

We've enhanced our rigorous Data Quality Checks and Improvements to ensure you're working with the most reliable and accurate data.

Your input is invaluable to us. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in our Discord server.