[2023/10/19] New Enhanced Staking Models, Base Abstraction Tables & More

Welcome to our latest product updates! We've been hard at work to bring you features that elevate your development game. From a new suite of new abstraction models on Base Mainnet to new Ethereum abstraction data models, this update is packed with tools to accelerate your time to market and enhance dApp functionalities.

New Ethereum Abstraction Models

We've rolled out four new staking abstraction models on Ethereum:

  • Coinbase Staking Abstraction Model
  • Frax Staking Abstraction Model
  • Rocket Pool Staking Abstraction Model
  • Lido Liquid Staking Abstraction Model

These models simplify the complexity of staking processes, making it easier for developers to integrate staking features directly into their dApps. Now, you can offer more staking options with less coding effort!

(New) Merged Base Abstraction Tables

We've created and consolidated various base abstraction tables, including Uniswap V3, Aerodrome, PancakeSwap, BaseSwap, and SushiSwap V3 into two main tables:

Pools: dex.base_dex_pools
Swaps: dex.base_dex_swaps

This streamlining enhances data retrieval efficiency and simplifies queries. Developers can now access multiple data sources from a single table, reducing API calls and CU consumption.

Friend Tech Protocol Abstraction Models

We've also introduced abstraction models for friend tech protocol on the Base chain. Two new tables have been created:

  • Trades: Social.base_friendtech_trades
  • Prices: Social.base_friendtech_prices

These tables enable developers to easily integrate social trading features into their dApps, offering users more ways to engage and transact.

Your input is invaluable to us. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in our Discord server.