Major Updates: Database Restructuring

In our continuous effort to optimize our infrastructure, we have implemented significant updates to our database structure.

Here is what's different:

Database Restructuring

  • New Database Separation: To improve our service offering and efficiency, the tables previously hosted on realtimeDB are now segmented into two specialized databases:
    • realtimeEvmDB: for EVM-based chains, token prices, and EVM DEX tables. e.g. Ethereum, Beacon, and their testnets.
    • realtimeNonEvmDB: Caters to non-EVM chains such as Sui and Bitcoin.

API Query Updates

When you need to make a query to realtime database through API following the recipes, choose the database ID accordingly:

# database_id = "realtimeEvmDB"|"realtimeNonEvmDB"
url = f"{database_id}/queries"

User Interface

Query Builder and Custom API Creation: No modifications are necessary when utilizing the Query Builder or creating custom user APIs. Automatic database routing is implemented to ensure a seamless interaction and minimal disruption during your development workflow.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, don't hesitate to reach out through our team emails or join the discussion on our Discord channel.