[2024/06/14] Multitab Query Editor & Enhanced User Interface

Welcome to the latest ZettaBlock update! We’ve made several enhancements to improve your experience, mostly from how you interact with the query editor.

Here is what's new:

Multitab Query Editor

To boost your productivity, we've enhanced the Multitab Query Editor. Now, you can open up to 10 query windows simultaneously. This upgrade ensures maximum efficiency by allowing for parallel data handling and analysis.

Query Editor: UI Enhancements

We've cleaned up the button arrangement post-query execution to provide a clearer and more organized interface. This change helps in reducing visual clutter, allowing you to focus more on your data analysis rather than navigating through unnecessary elements.

New Syntax Highlighting

We've updated the syntax highlighting to enhance the readability of your queries. This improvement aids in faster code writing and debugging, making your queries not only perform better but also easier to manage and understand.

For support or any questions, please reach out to us on Discord.