[2024/04/29] Expanded Real-Time Support across Sui Testent and Ethereum Holesky, New UI Enhancements & More

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve and broaden the functionality of ZettaBlock, this update introduces a range of new features and improvements designed to enhance the developer experience and expand our suite of data services.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what’s new:

Personalized User Onboarding

To further personalize and enhance user experiences from the very start, we've introduced a new questionnaire during the signup process. New users will now answer a series of background questions designed to better understand their needs and tailor their onboarding journey accordingly.

Expanded Real-Time Support: Ethereum Holesky & Sui Testnet

We have extended real-time support for two major players in the blockchain space: Ethereum Holesky and the Sui Testnet. Developers can now access and integrate live data streams from these chains, enabling more dynamic and responsive dapps.

The support for Sui Testnet comes as a part of the Sui Overflow hackathon, which ZettaBlock is sponsoring. You can read more about it here, and get started with ZettaBlock’s bounty here.

Enhanced Data Management: Preview of Tables View

With our new Preview of Tables View, users can now open and view up to three tables simultaneously. This feature enables more efficient data comparison and manipulation, boosting productivity in finding the right tables that you need.

CU Usage Caps

To ensure efficient resource management, we have implemented CU usage caps. When the CU consumption on any tenant reaches the designated limit (varies based on plan), an email notification will be sent to alert you.

Furthermore, should CU consumption exceed three times the limit, all activities consuming CU on that tenant will be temporarily suspended to prevent further overuse, and you will receive an email. This measure is designed to maintain optimal performance and service reliability across all users.

Dashboards & Queries: Filter by Creator

To improve navigation and organization in dashboards and queries, users can now filter content by creator. This new feature allows team members to quickly find and access dashboards and queries created by specific users, streamlining collaboration across teams.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to innovate and enhance your experience at ZettaBlock! In the meantime, join our Discord server to stay on top of all updates and to join our exclusive developer community.