[2024/04/16] Sui Data Expansion, Historical Beacon Raw Data, New User Onboarding Flow and More!

We are excited to announce several enhancements and new features to ZettaBlock, designed to streamline your development experience and expand our data offerings.

Here’s what’s new:

Sui Data Expansion

Balances and DEX tables: We have added new datasets to both our data lake and real-time coverage. These additions enhance developers' insights into Sui protocols, enabling more precise data analysis and application development.

The new tables added:

  • dex.sui_defi_projects
  • dex.sui_dex_pools
  • dex.sui_dex_swaps
  • sui_mainnet.fungible_token_balance_latest
  • sui_mainnet.native_token_balance_latest
  • sui_mainnet.balance_changes
  • nft.sui_trades

Beacon Raw Data

Beacon Raw data is now available in our data lake, providing developers with access to historical data, on top of our real-time offering we announced a few weeks ago. This addition will allow for the creation of more in-depth and powerful applications.

API Key Shortcut

We've introduced a 'Copy API Key' shortcut next to API keys in your profile, streamlining secure access and use of API keys, thus reducing the steps developers need to manage and utilize their keys efficiently.

Credit Card UX Enhancements

We have upgraded the credit card user experience to facilitate smoother transactions, improving the usability and satisfaction for developers looking to upgrade their accounts to the build plan.

Quick Start Wizard

A new Quick Start Wizard now greets first-time users, guiding them through our platform’s main features. This quick orientation aids developers in swiftly understanding and utilizing ZettaBlock’s full capabilities.

We have also added in a Help Button, which gives developers immediate access to essential resources, supporting faster problem-solving and more efficient project advancement.

Prebuilt APIs UI

Improved labeling on our existing GraphQL prebuilts enhances discoverability and ease of use, allowing developers to quickly find and deploy the queries they need for their applications.

Join us on Discord to discuss these new features and provide feedback. Your insights are invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance the ZettaBlock platform!