[2024/04/04] Introducing Bitcoin Raw Data, Data Freshness Status, UIUX Enhancements and More!

In our continuous effort to refine and expand the capabilities of ZettaBlock, this week brings a collection of new updates and enhancements aimed at streamlining the development experience and expanding our data offerings.

Here is a detailed overview of the latest improvements:

BTC Raw Data Integration

In response to the growing demand for covering more chains, we are happy to announce we have integrated Bitcoin data to our Data Catalog. This addition will empower developers to delve deeper into the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling them to build GraphQL Bitcoin APIs and allow for richer historical data analysis and insights.

Data Freshness Status

Recognizing the critical importance of monitoring the status and freshness of the data powering your applications, we have introduced a new UI screen. This innovative feature not only confirms the operational status of all systems but also provides you with real-time insights into the freshness of all tables. This enhancement is designed to offer you peace of mind and greater control over the data that drives your solutions.

Streamlined UI - Profile View Enhancement

In our latest UI update, we've streamlined your navigation experience by simplifying the left navigation bar. By relocating some options into your profile view, we've not only decluttered your workspace but also centralized key settings and features for easier access.

Bug Fixes and UI/UX Improvements

As part of our ongoing efforts to perfect the ZettaBlock platform, this release includes a series of bug fixes and UI/UX enhancements. These adjustments are aimed at smoothing out any rough edges, improving platform stability, and further refining the user interface for optimal performance and ease of use.

Keep the feedback coming, to help us improve. Join our Discord community to share your insights, ask questions, and connect with fellow innovators. Let’s get building!