Real-Time Price Tracking

Learn how to track real-time cryptocurrency prices using ZettaBlock's SQL query builder and one-click API.


Fetch real-time prices of specific cryptocurrencies from the prices.usd_latest table.

Step 1: Write the SQL query

SELECT * FROM prices.usd_latest
WHERE symbol IN ('ETH', 'BTC');

Step 2: Create an API

Step 3: Calling the API externally

Use the following JavaScript code to call the API and integrate it with your dApp:

const axios = require('axios');

async function fetchRealTimePrices() {
  const response = await axios.get('your_api_key_here');
  const prices =;
  // Use 'prices' in your dApp


Note: This is just one example of how the API can be called using axios. You can can whatever process/language works best for your dApp's needs.

And that's it - it's that simple! You've successfully integrated real-time price tracking into your dApp with ZettaBlock. 🚀